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Microbiome Inc.

The Award-Winning Developer of Microbiome Health Supplements


About Us

We’re a close-knit team of biotech professionals with a vision to create a healthier future for the world. Our mission is to use creative microbiome solutions to improve lives and relieve medical conditions that millions of people suffer from every day. We continue to grow every year and have won several awards with groundbreaking products like our probiotic supplement that helps degrade and digest gluten.


What is a Microbiome?

“Microbiomes” refer to the many microorganisms that are living in and on your body right now. Your microbiomes are essential to your vital health functions. The most crucial microbiome is in your digestive tract.

The microorganisms in your gut are known to significantly affect your metabolism, immune system, nerve regulation, emotional regulation, and various diseases. We’ve dedicated our research and development to foods and agents that maintain the health of your intestinal microbiome and the many functions it supports.

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A Growing Market

As life expectancy gains attention worldwide, the human microbiome is becoming a more and more significant field of study for health and longevity. It’s already one of the hottest markets worldwide, and it will continue to gain traction as research advances and we develop more health solutions with microbiome tech.


How Do We Stay Competitive?

Leaders in microbiome tech are making huge investments like the United States’ Human Genome Project and Brain Initiative. We tread the forefront of microbiome research with these global titans and work with government-funded institutions to develop effective health products using microbial strains.

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Emphasis on Safety

We’re committed to developing pure, natural, and safe health products with no unnecessary chemicals. We design and develop products under strict quality guidelines so that consumers are only healed and not harmed.

Professional Talent

The quality of our products comes down to the quality of our team members on an individual level. As part of our dedication to producing the best and most effective health solutions, we maintain the integrity of our team with continued education and constant research in each relevant field.
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R&D Oriented

As research and development continue in the microbiome industry, there is a dire need for awareness and distribution. That’s where you come in. To keep our team focused on advancing microbiome science, we need dedicated partners to take our products to the people.
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Technical Support

We understand you have customers who rely on you, and we care about them too. As a Microbiome partner, you’ll receive dedicated support to ensure your satisfaction with not only our products but also our ability to swiftly and reliably provide your business with the products and service you need. 
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Korea Innovation Award
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Korea Top Management Award (Future Technology Management)
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Korean Influential Brand Award
National Sustainability Management Outstanding Company Award
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Korea’s Excellent Patent Award
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