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Research & Development

Transforming the future of health & wellness with innovative microbiome technology

Core R&D Areas

1.     Gluten-degrading probiotics

2.    Gluten-degrading heat-treated lactic acid bacteria

3.    Obesity treatment and prevention lactic acid bacteria

4.    Lactic acid bacteria strains for livestock

5.    Lactic acid bacteria strains for cosmetics

6.    Lactic acid bacteria strains for household products

7.    Lactic acid bacteria strains for digestive enzyme production

8.    Anti-inflammatory lactic acid bacteria strains

Modern Office Building

Purpose of Establishment

Microbiome research and product development to contribute to public health

Taking Samples

Research Direction

Through technology transfer and joint research with government-funded research institutes, we strive to support industrialization of various microbiome using microorganism strains

Board Meeting

Research Achievements

  • Development of functional microbial strains using microbiome technology

  • Health functional food ingredients

  • General food ingredients

  • Cosmetic raw materials

  • Microbial fertilizer


Partner Organizations

  • Joint research and strain development with government-funded research institutes

  •  Industrialization cooperation of functional strains with Kwangwoon University Bio-Integrated Care Management Research Center

Lab Worker

Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology

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Microbiome Inc. Corporate R&D Center

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